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Las Vegas Contractor Shares 5 Ways To Make Your Home More Welcoming To Guests

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Having a home that beckons new visitors and leaves existing guests wanting to return and isn’t something that can be bought at a big box store or found in a home design catalog. Even the best interior designers struggle to create that ‘je ne sais quoi’ of an inviting, welcoming home – it’s impossible to design feelings. A home that is welcoming to guests is one that incorporates your personality into it, and it’s one that you personally feel so comfortable in that you never want to leave. You don’t need fancy furniture or an endless budget to create that warm, inviting look; read the following 5 tips on how to make your home more welcoming to guests from our Las Vegas contractor.

  1. Make Life Obvious

No, we don’t mean leave dishes in the sink to make it clear that someone actually lives in your home. Living plants are proven to make people feel more comfortable in a space (have you ever seen a doctor’s office with tons of leafy greens lying around?). Draping, leafy greens give your home a sense of life and create a beautiful atmosphere with barely any effort. Having a few hanging baskets with natural greenery can keep your furniture surfaces free while still keeping that sense of vibrancy that makes guests feel welcome.

  1. Go Overboard On Textiles

What could be better than curling up under a knitted blanket with a cup of tea on a cold night? Not much. If you feel warm and fuzzy when swaddled in blankets and pillows, your guests will too. Mix up your decor with different shapes and textures; if you have a hardwood floor, getting a thick rug to add some warmth to the room is a great and affordable way to introduce textiles to your home. Layering throw blankets, such as a knitted one on top of a thicker cotton blanket, is also a cheap way to add comfort.

  1. Bake Some Cookies (Or Seem Like You Did)

Scent is a powerful memory and mood trigger. Sterile scents will never be welcoming to guests, but some warm scented candles will be. There are multiple options for adding comforting scents to your home, so you can opt for a classic candle or go for a plug-in diffuser. Warmer smells such as vanilla or cedar wood will invite your guests in without you having to lift a finger.

  1. Opt For Warmer Colors

Blues and greens may be beautiful, but they can also create a sense of coldness. Warmer colors such as oranges, tans, or reds are much more welcoming to guests. If you absolutely love your teals and greys, think about introducing a statement piece such as a patterned chair or a tall wood built-in bookcase to incorporate warmth into your home without sacrificing your favorite colors.

  1. Declutter

This seems obvious, but the truth is that when you’re home frequently, you stop seeing everyday clutter. You won’t need to deep clean the whole home to declutter – consider doing smaller pieces, such as removing the stacks of magazines you’ve kept since 2015 and placing decorative items on shelves instead of on tabletops. Your guests will feel more at ease when their visuals are focused on your home design and not your leftover junk mail.

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