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When is the “Right” Time to Improve My Home?

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This is a question we get very often.  Our typical answer is anytime is the “right” time to improve my home.  It depends on your 3 “L’s” life, lifestyle, and location.

Do we always ask what the reason behind the home improvement is?  We have clients looking to make changes to their kitchen and bathrooms from time to time because they saw a picture in a magazine.  Some families are expanding and need that extra bedroom for a new child.  Others are finding it more efficient to work from home and need to convert that garage into an office. Your ever-changing life may lead to the change of a home.  In most cases, changing your existing house to adapt to your life is more straightforward than moving to a new house.

Other factors must be considered when starting a home improvement specific to the task.  For example, if you are looking to make an addition to your home and the exterior walls or roof of an existing house may need to be removed, then extreme temperatures may need to be considered.  We have mild winters in Las Vegas, Nevada, moderate but occasionally windy fall and spring, and hot summers.  Our climate allows us to build throughout the year, but weather conditions must be considered before attempting specific tasks such as pouring concrete in extreme heat or wind.

Another consideration for the home improvement timing is the homeowner’s finances.  During regular financial markets, homeowners have home equity that can be used for home improvements.  With home prices falling, equity-only exists in about 50% of current Clark County homeowners.  Unlike two years ago, those with equity have difficulty getting home equity loans from their local lending institutions.  Many of the people we are helping today are using cash or advances on credit cards.  Of course, we want to help every homeowner looking for a home improvement, but we want our clients to be fiscally responsible.

When planning your next home improvement or remodel, consider the 3 “L’s” and how it relates to you.

Good Luck with your next project.  Remember, when looking for home addition or repair in Clark County, Las Vegas, or Henderson, please consider Custom Homes By Chateau, LLC for your next job.  Contact Brett Primack at 702-858-4051 or

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