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4 Things to Consider Before Your Summer Bathroom Remodel

a bathroom remodel with a sink and mirrors modern look

Remodeling any part of your home is an exciting endeavor, but nothing is quite as satisfying as a well-executed bathroom remodel. Your bathroom is obviously a very utilitarian space, but there’s no reason for it not to be as beautiful as the rest of the home (in fact, guests will most often judge you by the quality of the bathroom, not the common areas). In past decades, the bathroom got the short end of the stick when it came to designing. Expanses of bland tile crawled into plain, boring cabinetry which took function over form – but not anymore! Modern trends have transformed the bathroom from shabby to chic, but there are always a few things to consider before you embark on your bathroom remodel.


You choose your furniture to suit your personality, why not extend that concept to the bathroom? Before you start your bathroom remodel, take into consideration what you feel will express and help yourself and your family. Fixtures aren’t cookie cutter anymore, and you can do everything from expanding the storage with hidden shelves to create a half-wall to hide the toilet. Your bathroom should be a reflection of you and the life you live, so if you can’t stop buying fluffy towels you might want to install some additional storage. If you want your bathroom to be a personal spa with a stunning waterfall shower and a lounging tub, do it! Styles range wildly in everything from tile to toilets, so shop around before you dive into demolition.


Any remodel comes with a set of inconveniences, and a bathroom remodel offers a few more than others. We never want to discourage you from having the space of your dreams but keep in mind you might have to work around the construction. Depending on what you’re planning on changing within the bathroom, construction might have areas out of commission for a few weeks. Installing a new toilet usually takes no more than a day, but relocating the shower will mean you need to find an alternate way to clean yourself for one to two weeks. To avoid stress, plan ahead and think of convenient alternates for your daily life; for example, do one bathroom at a time to make sure you always have adequate facilities available.


Updating a bathroom can add considerable value to your property, but you have to ensure it stays in good working order. Immediately after a remodel, you’ll want to deep clean the space (there will be a lot of dust!) and determine any areas which need extra attention. Your contractor is your friend here, and they can assist with providing specific aftercare instructions for your new installations. Keep a log of appliances and their manufacturers, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of warranties should you come across issues a few years down the road.


Cost is always the elephant in the room when it comes to a remodel. Dreaming of filet mignon while working on a McDonald’s budget is only going to lead to disappointment, but you don’t have to forgo everything you want because of it’s cost. Instead of sweating the numbers, work with your contractor to establish a list of must-haves and move around your budget to accommodate them. If you can’t imagine life without a wall-mounted toilet, consider going for a cheaper cabinetry option which still keeps the overall look you want. Your Las Vegas contractor knows how to work with a budget, so don’t be afraid to talk through details with them! For your bathroom remodel, contact Las Vegas Remodel today by calling 702-602-9197.

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