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Top Remodeling Company: How to Beat the Las Vegas Heat

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It’s undeniable: Las Vegas is heating up. Seeing temperatures soaring into the 100s so quickly after our short spring is enough to get anyone’s heart rate up, and if you’re new to the city you might consider investing in a new A/C unit. Beating the heat is practically an Olympic sport in the Las Vegas Valley, and preserving cold temperatures inside your home is the gold medal. While large remodels are sometimes a must in older homes, there are quite a few things you can DIY to cool off your home. This local top remodeling company is here to share a few tips on how to beat the Las Vegas heat!


Think about all the windows in your home for a second. There’s probably quite a few, considering how beautiful the natural light looks streaming across the floor on a sunny day. Las Vegas homes love large windows but unfortunately, they can be working against you on hot days. Your windows are a great start in the race to beat the Las Vegas heat. There are quite a few things you can do without the help of a remodeling company. If you don’t have blinds or curtains, get them. Closing off the sun during work hours or times you’re not at home is the easiest way to prevent heat leaking in. Natural light lovers don’t need to despair. There are window films which allow plenty of light to come through but prevent heat.


Once you have the sun’s rays thoroughly treated, you should focus on airflow throughout a home. While it may require a professional’s assistance, proper airflow is crucial for keeping a home cooled. Two-story owners are well aware of how toasty it gets upstairs when the downstairs freezes from the A/C pumping out air. This divide is caused by a lack of airflow. Some fixes are simple, such as purchasing a standing fan to circulate air in individual rooms. Consider changing the layout of your home by opening up a wall! While it might seem like a hassle now, open floor plans both increase airflow and the property value. By opening up one of the most heat-trapping areas, the kitchen, your contractor could change the entire feel of your space and keep it cool in one fell swoop.


One of the best things you can do to beat the Las Vegas heat is to install proper insulation. We’re not harping on builders, but poor insulation is one of the biggest reasons homes retain heat and don’t stay cool during the summer. Adding or changing insulation should always be done by a professional, but the good news is you still save money due to the remodeling companies purchasing it in bulk. With quality insulation, improved floor plans which increase airflow, and window treatments to stop heat at the source, your top remodeling company will keep you sweat-free this summer! Contact Las Vegas Remodel today by calling 702-602-9197 to find out what we can do for you.

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