5 Smart Home Upgrades to Install During Your Remodel

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Home remodeling is all about upgrading. Whether you’re swapping cabinets for a more modern look or gutting your bathroom for easier flow, a home remodel centers around improving an existing space. One of the best ways to enhance your living space in 2020 is to include smart home upgrades during your remodel. ‘Smart home upgrades’ can mean many different things, which just makes it all the easier to customize the bathroom, kitchen, or living areas to your specific needs. Installing smart features gets you a large return on investment. If you’re staying in the home, you get a functional feature to ease daily burdens. Selling it? Upgraded technological features often fetch a premium in today’s competitive market. From smart shower fixtures to built-in speakers, we’ve got four smart home upgrades perfect for your next remodel.

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1. Smart Showers Provide Luxury Blended with Convenience

Our first smart home upgrade to consider is a ‘smart’ shower. Smart showers blasted onto the scene with a combination of modern, sleek aesthetics and smartphone-connected technology. There are different kinds of smart showers available, allowing you to choose what fits your lifestyle and budget best. The digital shower is a touchscreen pad mounted on the wall of your shower which lets users choose their perfect temperature. Replacing traditional handles for the touchscreen is enough of an upgrade for some homeowners but going one step further with a connected panel can create a truly luxurious bathroom experience. Connecting your digital shower pad to your smartphone allows you to turn the shower on to your perfect temperature from the comfort of your own home. Chilly waits for the hot water to travel through the pipes will be a thing of the past!

USB changing a tablet and a phone
2. USB Wall Outlets: Budget-Friendly and Easy to Install

Most convenience-based technology nowadays needs USB connectivity. From charging multiple phones at once to making sure your Kindle is juiced for all the recipes you could ever need; you’ll find having built-in USB outlets to be a huge boon to your home life. Installing USB outlets is an easy smart home upgrade that’s perfect to add to a previously planned home remodel. If you’re changing any structural parts of the kitchen, you’ll most likely already be working with the wiring. An experienced remodeling contractor can take the opportunity during a remodel to change out standard wall plugs for ones which have USB ports added on. The convenient opportunities for installation make this an affordable smart home upgrade!

A Woman setting her home's security settings
3. Improved Wireless Security Features Offer Heightened Safety

Keeping your family safe is one of, if not the, biggest priorities for homeowners. Upgrading security features encompasses everything from home surveillance systems to motion-activated exterior lights. While the broad range of wireless security options available on the market may seem overwhelming, you don’t need to install all of them to have heightened home safety. Is your neighborhood particularly safe? You may not need a top-of-the-line burglar alarm which automatically calls emergency services. Security doesn’t always mean securing the home from threats – it can be a peace of mind security instead. Sensors for carbon monoxide, water leaks, and of course fire all fall under the umbrella of ‘security’. Talk through your needs with a trusted contractor. You’re sure to find something which fits within your budget!

Smart fridge
4. Intelligent Refrigerators Make Daily Kitchen Use a Breeze

Appliances are one of the best places to splurge when it comes to smart home upgrades. Think of how frequently you use your fridge; at least three times a day you rely on it to provide safe, healthy sustenance for yourself and your family. A ‘smart’ fridge, as seen in Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator line, can make daily kitchen burdens such as making grocery lists a thing of the past. Appliances see such heavy use, they’re a great place to spend a heftier chunk of your budget – but this doesn’t mean you need to pick the top of the line model. New technology hitting the food storage world ranges from a fridge which connects interior cameras to your smartphone (so you know what to buy next time you’re out shopping) to a bulletin board style display on the front that allows you to leave notes, reminders, and pictures for your loved ones. Options are endless, so talk to your contractor about your ideal smart fridge!

speaker built in kitchen
5. Built-In Speakers

On the pleasure side of smart home upgrades lie the technology advances which are solely for enjoyment. There’s no shame in wanting your home to be a paradise! One of the ways we’ve seen many clients maximizing their home experience is by installing built-in speakers in the living areas. This turns your living room into a home theater. Putting in built-in speakers is rather complicated and best left to the professionals. Much like adding new lighting fixtures, built-ins frequently require electrical wiring and structural awareness. If done incorrectly, you can end up taking away from your home’s value instead of adding to it. To start upgrading your home today contact Las Vegas Remodel & Construction!

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