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5 Spring Remodeling Projects in Las Vegas

Remodeling projects

Las Vegas is quickly becoming one of the most desirable cities to live in within the United States. In the last decade alone nearly 61,000 people have moved to the Las Vegas Valley! Expansion teams, new entertainment venues, and of course the casinos make the area highly desirable. While living here is sought after more and more it’s still a buyers’ market with more houses available than buyers. This means if you’re looking to sell your home it’s crucial you stand out. Small remodeling projects can increase the value of your home dramatically without costing you a lot out of pocket. Even if you’re not considering selling your home a spring home remodel is still a good idea! As with spring cleaning, a kitchen remodel can freshen the aesthetic and renew your pride in your home. Set your home apart in the neighborhood and get noticed and get noticed with these spring remodeling projects!

1. Brighten Wall Space with Open Shelving

One of the biggest trends within the past few years is open shelving. Open shelves in your kitchen are an easy way to incorporate aesthetically pleasing glassware displays. Removing closed off cabinetry and replacing it with slip-resistant floating shelves allows for modern accents such as live plants or colorful cookware to impress guests. The exposed wall space permits creative homeowners to introduce colorful tile or wallpaper for an added design twist.

2. Smart Appliances Are a Worthy Upgrade

Technology rarely moves backward. The hottest must-have appliances are ‘smart’ appliances. Samsung carries a line of refrigerators that have cameras inside them so you can view what groceries are needed from your smartphone. There are touchless faucets for hygienic hand washing or dishwashers that adjust the water used to what’s being washed. No matter what appliances you choose to upgrade, they’re guaranteed to have a high perceived value with buyers!

3. Conceal Basic Appliances for a Smooth Aesthetic

Unless you’ve upgraded every appliance for a shiny new smart option your kitchen may have some unsightly appliances hanging around. These can be hidden behind or inside cabinets for a seamless look. Many dishwashers can be tucked away with a faux cabinet facade. Even a simple trashcan can get an upgrade if it’s within a cabinet on a lazy Susan! Check with your contractor regarding the dimensions and potential locations before installing any facades.

4. Refinished Kitchen Cabinets Are Just as Good

Replacing cabinets can get expensive. From fancy wood to custom shapes, many cabinet options on the market run in the thousands. If you have cabinets in good condition you may want to check with your kitchen remodeling expert on refinishing them. A quick paint job might be just the ticket for a modern look on a budget – and it’s sure to impress potential buyers!

5. Let the Light In!

Natural light is proven to boost moods! Kitchen windows do double duty: visually brighten the space and air out heat from cooking. If you don’t have a window in your kitchen, consider adding one. The extra light highlights the room’s features If it’s off the table try putting in sun-imitating light bulbs for a similar effect. For any help during your spring remodel project contact Las Vegas Remodel & Construction!

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