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Bathroom Remodeling: How to Make Your Home More Accessible

4145 Riva Bathroom remodel

Living in place homes are about more than being accessible for multiple generations, it’s about having a place where you can grow in. A home is where you’ll settle in, raise a family, and eventually age in. It’s a wise idea to consider a remodel while you’re young to incorporate design options which help you ease into some of the difficulties which come with age or other handicaps. Many people hear ‘handicap accessible’ and their minds jump to features such as support grab bars and walk in showers but living in place bathrooms are much more than just that! Stunning features that are both functional and beautiful abound in the modern marketplace and incorporating them to make your home more accessible has never been easier. A little extra time and effort from your experienced contractor goes into remodeling accessible bathrooms, but it’s worth it! Accessible homes have a special type of value.

Adding Value to Your Home with Accessibility

When you were shopping for your first home, you most likely didn’t think twice about whether the bathroom was living in place or not. Accessibility is about more than being able to fit a wheelchair. Consider the fact that you will age. In time, you may need some help getting in and out of the tub. Installing a walk-in shower now can alleviate that irritation before it even happens. Keep your eye out for deals on living in place solutions, such as pedestal sinks and strike when everything is at its lowest cost. You can install these materials during your bathroom remodel so that you have them when you need them or use them as a bargaining tool to get top-dollar when you’re selling the home.

Don’t Consider Living in Place Accessibility an Enemy of Style

Accessibility gets a bad rap for being clinical. Just because you’re installing grab bars doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t be picture-perfect after an accessible remodel. Creativity is key when working with a constrained space such as a bathroom. You can hit two birds with one stone by adding living in place features which double as tech upgrades. This may be done by adding some exotic and colorful floor tiles in a slip-resistant material or opting for innovation with a touchless faucet (by simply waving your hand under the faucet you turn the water on). Both do dual duty by being sanitary and stylish – what beats that?

Living Long-term in an Accessible Home

Living in place homes are not focused just on aging; they focus on living your best life inside the home in the long run. Incorporating accessible features in your bathroom remodel is as simple as asking your contractor what they recommend. The options are endless and range from curbless showers for wheelchairs to easily enter, to the luxurious toilet bidet keeping little ones and elderly alike clean, to useful grab bars affixed to the walls for safety. Any storage needs can be easily moved up, so don’t worry about taking away from the bathroom’s limited space. Cabinets or trendy open shelving on the wall takes the focus off of the ground and leaves room for actually living through the years. Consult with your contractor on how best to use your current space; you may want to upgrade existing features or completely gut and remodel your living in place bathroom. For more bathroom remodeling tips or to start your remodel today, contact Las Vegas Remodel & Construction.

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