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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Kitchen?

Custom Kitchen

Nothing drives up both property values and the standard of living more than a beautiful, modern, custom kitchen. No matter what your style is, a custom kitchen is something that nearly every homeowner dreams about. Fortunately, with falling costs of customization, it doesn’t have to remain a dream forever. Custom kitchens are remarkably affordable nowadays, but they do take a while to put into place. Exactly how long does it take to build a custom kitchen? We’re here to give you a breakdown of the average time span you’ll be looking at for a renovation. 

    As a round number, building a custom kitchen can take between 8 – 10 full weeks. This includes ample time for planning, shopping, demolition, and installation. 

The place to start is with a concept, and you can gain inspiration through a long list of home decor magazines, online websites, or even peeking through your neighbor’s window. It doesn’t matter whether your style is all about clean lines, classic bevelings, or sleek accents – planning is crucial. Think through what you want and whether or not you need a full remodel. Often, new cabinets are all you need since your appliances are only a few years old. Sometimes you’ll want to gut the whole thing and start from the ground up. Once you have your vision in place, you can set down a reasonable budget and start building your timeline. 

    Say you want to create an entirely custom kitchen. You’re going to be thinking of custom cabinets, all new flooring, sparkling new appliances, and some sleek countertops. Once you have your sights set on a design, go shopping. Pricing out all the different pieces can be time-consuming, and you’ll most likely spend 1 – 2 weeks getting everything together in order to complete your project. Our recommendation is always to go through one vendor, as it makes installations streamlined and the company will hold all the responsibility for the project from start to finish. At the point when you’ve picked your vendor, acquired all the supplies, and set up your project components, you’ll be approximately four weeks in. 

    Demolition, to us, is the fun part. Even better, it’s the quicker part of a renovation! Making good time is never a problem when you hand someone a sledgehammer and tell them to knock some stuff out. Demolition of the old kitchen will take less than a week, but make sure that you have precautions in place to move your temporary kitchen to a different part of the home. For full scale remodels, we’ve seen people move the entire fridge to, say, the dining room and keep all meals microwavable. With a temporary kitchen, you can turn all of the focus to building the kitchen from the ground up. Flooring and cabinets are the most significant time eater, and you can expect 1 – 2 weeks to be taken on making sure they’re correctly installed. From there, countertops are dropped in, appliances are slid into place, and finishing touches are applied. Ideally, within ten weeks, you’ll have your dream custom kitchen ready for use!

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