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8 Ways to Increase Your Home Value for 2019

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Las Vegas is quickly becoming one of the nation’s top cities to live in. The Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Raiders, and the influx of entertainment options have led Sin City housing into a huge boom. 2019 is predicted to be one of the best times to sell your house as we continue the trend from 2018’s year-over-year growth in housing sales. If you’re considering selling your house, doing a few small tricks could help increase the home’s value and get you a better offer from potential buyers. We’ve cherry-picked our top 8 ways to increase your home value for 2019, and want to share them with you! 

1. Curb Appeal 

An affordable way to ramp up interest with buyers is to work on the exterior first. The front lawn is the face of any home, and ideally, it will be well manicured and tasteful. Desert landscaping is a practical and cost-effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal, and the variety of desert plants available in the Las Vegas market will make it easy to lend a personal and beautifying touch. 

2. Energy Efficiency 

Having a ‘green’ home will get you more of the green that you really want during a sale. Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword – it’s a new lifestyle. A home which is able to more efficiently use available resources will make potential buyers breathe a sigh of relief when they foresee lowered electric bills. 

3. Modern Paint 

Take some time to look at what’s in the magazines before choosing what color to paint the interior of the home. Home buyers shy away from overtly personal choices; you might love your burgundy accent wall, but it could remind them of Grandma’s house. White walls should almost always be a last resort, as they can feel cold and sterile. Current trends lean more towards neutral grays and beige tones that usher potential buyers with a welcoming vibe. 

4. Remove Texture

Popcorn should stay in the movie theater. We’re not sure what everyone was thinking when popcorn ceilings became all the rage, but they’re so 2000-and-late now. A simple softening solution sprayed on them and a few hours spent scraping the gunk off your ceiling could massively improve your home’s value. 

5. Update The Kitchen 

Any kitchen enhancement or upgrade increases a home’s value. Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and an attractive kitchen is often the top thing on buyer’s wishlists. An upgrade does not need to be a full remodel; simple backsplash tile, new countertops, or fresh stainless steel appliances will help boost your asking price. 

6. Consistent Flooring 

We notice that a lot of homes on the market don’t have consistent flooring, and it may be a reason that they stay on the market. A mish-mash of different floor types is both awkward to look at, and a warning sign that corners may have been cut by the previous owners. Hardwood or laminate floors are modern and easy to install throughout the entire home and showcase both a tasteful design and an intentional, thorough renovation. 

7. Replace Fixtures 

High on our list of affordable updates that get you a huge return on investment is replacing basic fixtures. You probably don’t pay attention to your faucets on the daily (as long as they work), but new fixtures lend an elegant and upscale touch to basic homes. Most new fixtures don’t require more than a Google search and a trip to the hardware store, so this upgrade is definitely DIY. 

8. Consult An Expert 

Even the keenest home renovation enthusiasts need a little help from the experts sometimes. Spending a bit of time with your local remodeling company will give you both an estimate on repairs needed and fresh ideas for what to do in your home that will increase its market value. 

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