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4 Showers for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel With a New Modern Shower and Tub

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, you should have a place in your home where you can just relax. For some, this is a living room full of plush couch cushions; for others, it’s the sanctuary of a well-designed bathroom. A hot shower after a long day can be paradise to hardworking homeowners, but many Las Vegas homes are sold with bare-bones bathing areas. Remodeling the shower can transform a bathroom from basic to incredible. Certain remodels can even raise the resale value of your home! If you have an experienced shower remodeling contractor such as Las Vegas Remodel and Construction helping you, you can have a trendy twist on your existing bathroom at any price point. Check out these four stunning showers for some inspiration!

1. Rain Showers Bring Comfort from Above

Not every remodel needs to involve a full demolition, and rain showers prove that. Rain showers do exactly what they sound like: rain down on you. A single, large shower head is mounted on the top of the shower and pours across the entire stall to simulate rainfall. The only downside is the relatively low water pressure, but even that can be moderated. This modern take on a soothing spa experience in your own home involves rerouting some pipes, but not much else. The pipe movement makes this shower type just shy of a DIY project, so make sure to enlist the help of a qualified bathroom remodel contractor.

2. Staying for a While? Walk-in Showers are Great for Longevity

Walk-in showers have been extremely popular with homeowners for decades now. Rather than the traditional tub-shower combination, walk-in showers have a very low step leading into a full-length shower. While they cannot be used as a tub, the full-length doors allow even the smallest bathroom to feel larger. This type of shower works extremely well for families who plan on being in their home for long periods, as their low entrance height makes them perfect for the elderly or handicapped. Little kids may not find them quite as fun as bathtime, so a walk-in shower may not be the best fit for your home if you have little ones toddling about.

3. Digital Showers Usher in the Future

Stand aside, shower faucets! The new sheriff in town is the wave of the future: digital showers. An all-new remodel perfect for modern homes is the digital shower. Often paired with overhead showerheads or even rain showers, the digital shower has it’s temperature and flow moderated by a panel set into a nearby wall. This sleek-looking device negates the need to have any plumbing or faucets visible, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who seek to have a tastefully decorated ‘smart home’. As with any new tech, digital showers may need to be upgraded every few years or so. Consider them an investment, and talk through the pros and cons with a Las Vegas Remodel expert before taking the plunge.

4. Want a Home Spa? Try a Steam Shower

Imagine yourself coming home from a long day, getting into the shower and being enveloped in a cloud of hot steam? This could be yours if you got a steam shower installed in your home bathroom. Just like a professional sauna, a steam shower has jets on the top and sides of the shower to create an immersive experience. The good news? Your trusted shower remodeling company has done these before, so the install would be a breeze. The bad news… This type of remodel will cost a good amount due to all the work involved. An experienced remodeling company will always get you the lowest rate for the highest quality, so don’t hesitate to set up a discussion meeting. Contact Las Vegas Remodel and Constructions to start your bathroom remodel today.

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