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Bathroom Fan Cover: How to Upgrade One

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Details are what make a design. If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant and wondered how it achieves just that perfect ambiance, we guarantee it’s the details which your mind doesn’t consciously register. Small tweaks to your home, such as replacing cabinet hardware or switching out hand towels for a color-coordinated option can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. The DIY aspect of replacing your bathroom fan cover makes it an attractive weekend project for any homeowner. Losing the bathroom fan grates which plague homes built within the past few years will leave you sighing in relief every time you glance up. Better yet, some options on the market have lights built-in or guarantee upgraded circulation, making them a functional part of the decor. We’ve got the lowdown below on how to upgrade your bathroom fan cover!

Function or design: which is more important in the bathroom?

What would you consider to be more important: appealing looks, or excellent function? It’s a trick question – you can have both in an upgraded bathroom fan cover! Most older homes come standard with the traditional ‘grate’ style fan cover. While the grate’s grooves are excellent at dispersing air, they also tend to catch dust and may not be the most hygienic. This style of fan cover may stop being as effective over time due to the debris build-up. Cleaning these older styles isn’t easy, but the new options make the chore a breeze. Modern bathroom fan covers typically increase circulation by having open vents on all four sides. Besides being pleasing to the eye, these allow air to reach every area of the bathroom. By upgrading your bathroom fan cover to a modern option, you optimize both the function and design; a win-win!

Steps to take before you buy your new bathroom fan cover

Before even stepping foot in the hardware store, you’ll need to understand what requirements your bathroom set up has. To start, inspect what type of bathroom fan cover you already have installed. You will want to replace your bathroom fan cover with one which is the same type. This means if it’s currently got a wire which runs into the ceiling, you don’t want to purchase a new one which takes a standard electrical socket. Take thorough measurements of the old bathroom fan cover, both while it’s installed and after it’s been unscrewed and pulled down. The new fan cover you buy will need to fit the same footprint, so having accurate measurements is key. Double-check and write down the type of hardware used in the original cover. While most new cover kits include the screws and bolts needed, it never hurts to be aware of what you already have.

At the hardware store? Here’s what to look for

After you’ve measured and inspected, head down to the local supply store. You’ll see there’s a wide variety of bathroom fan cover kits readily available. Choose something which is appealing to your existing bathroom color scheme and works with the measurements for your ceiling’s hole. Try to find a bathroom fan cover which has low ‘sone’ and high ‘CFM’ numbers. In layman’s terms, ‘sone’ indicates how loud the fan will be once it’s properly installed, and ‘CFM’ stands for ‘cubic feet per minute’, or how far the air will be pushed out per minute. The average bathroom doesn’t need anything more than about 90 – 100 CFM, but if you have a particularly large space you can go higher. Be aware: the lower the sone number, the larger the vent you’ll need in the bathroom. Enlarging a vent is beyond the realm of the average DIY.

How to install an upgraded bathroom fan cover

Installing your new bathroom fan cover is an extremely simple process. Lay down a drop cloth to prevent any debris or dust falling and turn off power to the fan from the circuit breaker. From there, unscrew your old fan cover. Disconnect any wires (don’t cut them, just ease them out!) and gently remove the fan cover from the vent system. You’ll see a box that extends into the ceiling – this is the vent housing. You’ll want to unscrew this and gently pull it out. After that, you can slide in and re-attach your new vent housing. Most bathroom fan covers allow you to screw in the vent housing from the bottom, but you may need to go into an attic or crawlspace if your home is on the older side. After screwing this in, attached the vent system and the wires to the new fan. The last step should be snapping the vent cover onto the housing! After that, you can sit back and enjoy your quieter, more attractive fan. For any help with your project contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction.

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