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Kitchen Repainting: How to Choose the Right Colors

A kitchen remodeled by Las Vegas Remodel and Construction

You begin your day, nourish your loved ones, and host family and friends out of a single room: the kitchen. With everything which happens in the space, you don’t want it to be drab. A kitchen should be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. The color you choose can inject you with energy first thing in the morning with a jolt of yellow, or a calm blue can soothe you into a relaxed state perfect for sipping coffee. Even a neutral-toned kitchen can benefit from a repainting by swapping out stark white for a modern grey or vintage beige. Repainting a kitchen can turn a bland space into one unique to your tastes. But how do you choose the right colors when repainting a kitchen? Your trusted contractor is here to help!

What type of paint should you start with when repainting a kitchen?

Before even diving into how to choose the right paint color for your kitchen, it’s important to understand the different paints available on the market. There are two main types of paint: oil and latex. Oil paint works best on delicate, absorbent woods (such as trim), but poses challenges for a kitchen due to slow dry time and tendency to bubble. Latex paint offers oil some competition with a combination of affordability and durability. An experienced contractor will recommend going with latex for kitchen repainting, as the area will most likely need a lot of washing. Whichever you go with, consider whether you’d like matte, satin, or high gloss paint. Each has its perks! Matte looks are avant-garde and beautiful in neutral shades but don’t hold up well after being cleaned. High gloss is a statement paint which appears silky after it dries; however, high gloss paint tends to be costly. Satin is a middle ground (and most recommended for kitchens) because of it’s slightly shiny appearance and hardiness when confronted with a kitchen sponge. If you love a certain look, shop around to find a company that fits within your budget!

Not all neutral colors are made equal!

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your kitchen repainting project, consider using a neutral color as the ‘base’. You can introduce accent colors later, but the neutrals are what will ground a kitchen. The kitchen’s overall vibe depends on the neutrals, be it the cabinets or walls. White is classic and can be jazzed up with any accent color. Beige has been a popular option for kitchens which have a vintage vibe. Beige, gentle browns, and earth tones are an excellent choice for homeowners who like their kitchens to be appealing to a wide range of guests. The newcomer to the game of kitchen painting is a neutral not too frequently leaned on in the kitchen: grey. Light grey is relaxing yet modern and works well with moody colors such as dark green or vibrant tones like bright yellow. Think about what overall vibe you want in your kitchen and choose your neutral off of that.

Accent colors: what to reach for

An all-red kitchen might seem a bit off-putting because of how bold the color is (but there’s no shame if that suits your personality!). We’re using red as an example, but in reality, any color is overwhelming if there’s too much of it. Kitchens have a lot of three-dimensional areas, with cabinetry, hardware, and visible dishes. Because of this, having items work in tandem is key to having a space you can feel proud to show off. As we mentioned, neutrals are a good ‘base’ for any kitchen repainting job; the accent color is what spices up the area. Accent colors can be anything you want, but certain colors portray moods better than others. Reds, yellows, and oranges are considered ‘warm’ tones and generally give kitchens a welcoming feel. ‘Cool tones’ encompass the greens, blues, and purples which relax guests the instant they see it. Greys tend to work well with cool tones, and warmer colors fit perfectly with beiges or browns. Think about a style which you love seeing in magazines. Is it mostly warm, bright colors mixed with sharp whites? Go after it! Whatever you choose, make sure to get a few samples of paint to ensure they work well together. Don’t be afraid to get a professional’s opinion! For any help during your project, contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction.

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