5 DIY Renovation Tools You Need

Renovation tools

DIY renovations are tempting to many homeowners. Who doesn’t want to save some money on a renovation while gaining remodeling skills? When it comes to DIY renovation, being properly equipped with the tools of the trade is key. Having the correct tools ensures you remain safe during each step of the project. A homeowner should have the basic toolbox available at all times, but in order to hit your project’s nail on the head you may need more than a hammer. Before you begin any DIY home renovation project, create a checklist of everything which will need to be done. You can identify which renovation tools you may need from that list. Many tools can be used long after the renovation on maintenance, making them a worthy investment. There are 5 main DIY renovation tools you need.

1. Pipe and Cable Finder

Ever seen the term ‘DIWhy’? It’s an internet slang term for when a DIY project goes horribly wrong. One of the more common mistakes is accidentally demolishing straight into a water pipe or electrical cable. They run hidden through your walls, and unless you have a pipe and cable finder in your toolbox you could end up accidentally cutting right through them. This could result in water damage or, worse, a shock! Use a pipe and cable finder (or call a trusted remodeling expert) before demolishing anything in the home to make sure both you and the home are completely safe.

2. Flat Pry Bar

Save your back and some money with a flat pry bar. Nearly every DIY renovation project requires some form of demolition best handled by a flat pry bar. A combination of a hammer and a crowbar, the flat pry bar has hooks which grip nails and a long, flat edge which makes removing studs, boards, and trim a breeze. Since they’re flat, these particular pry bars can also be used to assist with getting flat objects, such as window trim, into place.

3. Speed Square

Yes, it does look like it belongs in your high school math class. No, it’s not actually that hard to use. A speed square is an intimidating-looking but tiny piece of equipment which is used primarily to mark 45- and 90-degree angles. It can also help you determine roof pitch, guide your Dremel when cutting, and scrape off paint splats. We’re mostly joking on that last one, but for the cost of each speed square, there’s no judgement from us if you use it to scrape paint.

4. Lineman’s Pliers

You won’t want to use your old, basic pliers ever again once you purchase a pair of lineman’s pliers. This renovation tool has not one but two main functions: cutting and gripping. The pliers have a sturdy, rubber-lined jaw which can grip nearly everything. Flip them around and you can cut through cords, small pipes, and electrical wires. Make sure the power or water is turned off before cutting through anything – we know it’s tempting with how powerful this tool is, but don’t rush your DIY renovation! Safety is key when working with something as strong as a pair of lineman’s pliers.

5. Oscillating Multi-Tool

The oscillating multi-tool is without a doubt the most useful tool in any DIY renovation fanatic’s toolbox. Depending on what attachment you plug in, you can sand, saw, or even remove grout. The tool’s versatility is unmatched in the DIY world. With a simple attachment switch, you can go from being able to plunge cut into wood straight into cutting trim for flooring! While they’re a lifesaver, using an oscillating multi-tool can be tricky for beginners. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an expert! Contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction at 702-602-9198 for any tips or questions you may have during your project.

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