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2019 Fall Remodel Ideas

Luxurious New Construction With Open Floor Plan Interior.

Summer gets a lot of credit for being the ‘fun’ season, but there’s a lot to be said for fall. Fall is the season where the weather cools down, the kids go back to school, and (usually) work isn’t as crazy. It’s the perfect time of year to sit back and think about what you’d like to improve in your home. After the summer but before the in-laws visit for Christmas, you can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom space. Small improvements make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your space. Be it installing an all-new vanity in the bathroom or upgrading to stunning stainless steel in the kitchen, you can wow your guests with these 2019 fall remodel ideas.

You don’t need to go break the bank during a kitchen remodel

Many homeowners consider a kitchen remodel to be a wallet-busting endeavor, but this is not the case. The kitchen is one area of the home which can be upgraded slowly. Larger projects such as brand-new flooring or a whole new cabinet set may be better reserved for the spring (when materials are on sale) but fall welcomes in the cost-effective remodels. You can go modern with open shelving above the kitchen sink by demolishing existing cabinets and installing floating shelves. This remodel is a popular and affordable option for those looking to have a sleek, airy kitchen. Replacing appliances is a great idea for a fall kitchen remodel, as they tend to go on sale before the holidays. Even simply swapping the hardware on your cabinets for a newer style can update your kitchen’s look.

Painting, fresh hardware, or decorative tile upgrades any bathroom

The bathroom is an often neglected part of the home. If it does its job, why change it? When you have guests over, they’re sure to use the facilities and you want to offer them the best experience possible. Full bathroom remodels can be costly, so doing small renovations during the fall is a great way to have the bathroom Thanksgiving party-ready. The most affordable bathroom remodel is simply painting the walls (or only an accent wall, for a bold statement). This changes up the room’s vibe and can switch the bathroom from barren to cozy. Installing decorative tiles in the shower or backsplash leaves guests wowed at your taste. As with kitchens, just changing the hardware from boring brass to modern brushed silver can modernize the entire space.

Why fall is the best season to remodel your home

Whether you opt to switch up your kitchen or bathroom, fall is the best season to do home remodeling. Cooler weather makes it easier to handle labor-intensive work, such as installing open shelving. Painting becomes more comfortable with having the windows open. Better yet, having more free time allows you to take on several remodel projects yourself. DIY projects, such as replacing hardware or swapping appliances, seem much less daunting when temperatures are below 100 degrees. While many things can be handled solo, reach out to an expert if you need to! Contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction at 702-602-9198 for any tips or questions you may have during your project.

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