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Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed Contractor

Top View Of a Licensed Contractor being Hired For a home remodel

If you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future of your home remodel, would you want to see shoddy workmanship, high final bills, and insurance issues? We certainly hope not! It may seem tempting to go with your cousin’s friend who offers their home remodeling services on Facebook, but this is almost never the better option. Hiring a licensed contractor who comes equipped with not only the proper tools, but also the proper certification and insurance will save you money. We’ve all heard horror stories about an unlicensed contractor backing out after doing half the work and taking all the pay or discovering issues long after they’ve left. Hiring a licensed contractor is important if you want the job done right, and this is why.

Licensed contractors have the proper training and tools

‘Licensed’ actually does mean something important: every person who works on your home has received the proper training. There are government standards required for a contractor to be considered ‘licensed’, and tests need to be passed with flying colors before they’re allowed to work in your home. Because of this, a licensed contractor will work with the best tools available and be trained in a variety of remodeling fields, from cabinetry to plumbing. Being properly insured is included with the package of great tools and craftsmanship. A licensed contractor will carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance, which protects you in case of damage to either your property or a person during a home remodel.

By hiring a licensed contractor, you’re saving money

It’s difficult to trust someone who doesn’t have the proper accreditations. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you open yourself up to a wealth of potential complications. There’s nothing stopping someone who’s unlicensed from walking out on the job or sailing past their initial quote. A licensed contractor abides by their quote unless there are unseen complications. While everything is completed safely from the get-go, they make sure to discuss any pop-up issues with you before completing unnecessary work. With all the precautions put into place with a licensed contractor’s inspection and estimate, you know what costs you’ll pay. You can take solace in knowing your licensed contractor is properly bonded, meaning another entity vouches for them and will take responsibility should anything go awry.

What do you need to look for in a licensed contractor?

So, you’ve decided saving money and feeling comfortable with your contractor hiring choice is important. That’s a wonderful step! Now you just need to find the right licensed contractor for you. Going local and finding positive reviews is a smart path when looking for a contractor. You want someone who can willingly provide references as well as paperwork. Positive references from a variety of consumers means they’re established in their trade and have good rapport with your peers. They should be comfortable providing you with any licenses you ask to see, and also willing to provide a detailed estimate at your request. Beyond that, any contractor worth their salt will encourage you to sign a contract outlining every detail of your remodel. A licensed contractor is a right fit when they offer all of these and are happy to work with you to ensure you feel confident in each step of your home remodel. Contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction at 702-602-9198 for any tips or questions you may have during your project.

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