How to Increase Storage Space with Your Home Renovation

Modern kitchen remodel with storage space

Long before Marie Kondo was a household name, homeowners were struggling with ways to increase their storage space. Storage is a precious commodity in even the most modern home, and with areas such as the kitchen and bathroom naturally needing to hold a lot of items, finding extra storage space can make or break your comfort. While buying bookshelves can help your knick knacks find homes, IKEA furniture won’t help you with the serving dish you only use on Thanksgiving. To maximize available space, consider a home renovation. Kitchen or bathroom renovations don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and clever installation can keep relatively unused items out of sight and out of mind.

Increased storage space begins at the top of the home

Don’t crawl into your attic (if you even have one!) just yet. One of the key places where missed storage opportunities lie is at the top of the walls. Take a second to look around your room – do you have anything on the upper two feet of your walls? If not, consider adding some open shelving. From simple open cabinets in a modern kitchen to floating bookshelves in your bedroom, shelving gives you usable space where previously there was just a flat surface. In the bathroom, floating shelves provide an easy spot to place spare towels and toiletries without cluttering up the countertop.

Take advantage of unused cabinet space with a Lazy Susan

No longer relegated to the tabletop, Lazy Susan’s are one of the best and most affordable ways to increase storage space in the kitchen. Corner cabinets are almost universally a waste of space due to the difficulties of reaching into the back, but with the addition of a basic Lazy Susan, you’ll be able to reach even the farthest nook and cranny. Installing them in bathroom cabinets not only increases storage space but can reduce waste, as it’s easier to cycle through existing products and avoid purchasing unnecessary duplicates. As a bonus, these are so easy to install you might even be able to handle it yourself!

Use existing structures to increase storage without major demolition

Do you have an inset wall which you just don’t know what to do with? That can go to good use with some built-in structures. Whether it’s just to add some drama to a boring, unused wall or shelving under a staircase, built-ins can be incorporated into nearly any room in the home. Kitchens benefit from built-in pantries which allow easy reach of commonly used items, and bathrooms see a big boost from the installation of an inset shower shelf for toiletries. No matter what you choose to do, contact Las Vegas Remodel and Construction at 702-602-9198 for any tips or questions you may have during your project.

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