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Las Vegas Contractor: What Do Your Home Design Color Preferences Say About You

Las Vegas Contractor: What Do Your Home Design Color Preferences Say About You

If you’ve ever been bored on the Internet, you’ve probably taken a quiz to see what your favorite color says about you as a person. Whether you scoffed at the response or felt it hit a little too close to home, the truth is that your color preferences in your home design can tell a lot about you to your friends and family. According to our Las Vegas contractorremodeling or doing new construction is a great way to introduce a new splash of color to the kitchen or bathroom, but you don’t have to wait for a big project to change things up. Your color choices matter in not just what you’re displaying to guests, but it’s been proven in multiple scientific studies that color choices in your home design can affect mood.

Many homes in Las Vegas come stocked with primarily beige, white, or neutral greys to appeal to a wider audience, but there’s no shame in introducing some color once you’re moved in. Painting a wall or introducing some throw pillows can affect your own mood, as well as that of your guests.

Like the timeless lipstick shade, reds are a bold move that will immediately show you’re not afraid of a challenge. Reds with a blue overtone tend to be more welcoming, and are easy to match with blues or greys to create a balanced vibe. Reds that have more of an orange or yellow tone are fiery and can lead to a sense of excitement. Typically, if you’re reaching for a red throw blanket every time you’re in the store, you’re an energetic person who’s always looking for a lively experience.

Blues and greens fall on the other side of the spectrum, but that in no way means that they’re boring. Usually, a green, teal, or blue main décor color means that you focus on soothing, calm experiences and are probably down-to-earth and easygoing. Take care to avoid using too many greys with your blue décor, as it can create a colder looking environment. Greens, blues, and everything in between go great with warmer neutrals, like dark browns and soft beiges. These restful colors are guaranteed to make your guests feel at ease in your home.

Although an uncommon choice, yellow has been making big moves in home décor lately. This sunny, happy color screams happiness in the user and is surprisingly easy to incorporate into your home. Use plenty of light in rooms that have yellows, as the natural light plays off the brightness of the yellow and creates a warm, comforting environment with plenty of spark.

If you’re saying, ‘hey wait, I actually really like neutrals!’, that’s not a problem – neutral colors such as browns, whites, greys, and even metallic like gold can show that you’re a versatile, welcoming person. Mix it up with different options or throw in some texture like a white knitted blanket to showcase your personality to everyone who walks in your door. Remember, you don’t have to do a full remodel or new construction (although we’re always here to help!) to incorporate a bit of yourself into your new home.

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