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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Whole Home Remodel Project

Whole Home Remodel at Las vegas remodel

Each day in America, homeowners decide to renovate their homes for a multitude of reasons. Some do it to improve comfort, while others are working to increase their home value.

Others remodel their homes to upgrade or enhance their living spaces due to changes in family or lifestyle instead of moving to a different property. 

Renovating a house is no small feat. Especially if you decide to take on a whole home remodel. A successful project requires time, thoughtful planning, and money. As you prepare to renovate your home, you’ll need to consider a few things before starting. Below we outline some of the more critical items for your upcoming home remodeling project.

Think About Your Goals

Renovating a home allows you to transform your home into a place you are proud of and love to spend time in. It provides the opportunity to make your home what you want it to be and, hopefully, increases its value along the way. 

Achieving the desired results from your project begins with thinking about your goals. What are your primary goals? What do you hope to achieve through this process?

Some homeowners want a home that looks new, and others want to add more space. Take a moment and outline what the main motivations are for your project. Once you have your list, you may want to consider adding a few goals to help you enjoy the process that includes the following:

  • Sticking with your budget
  • Minimizing inconveniences
  • Improving the continuity of the project

We’ll discuss these topics next to help you plan a successful project.

Consider Your Budget and Ways to Stick With It

A wise place to begin your home remodeling plans is by considering how you’ll pay for the cost. Home renovations can add up, but it is worth every cent when done correctly. 

Ways to Finance Your Project

Here are some options to finance your home remodeling project:


Some homeowners worked hard to save money for a project for a few years or come into a windfall of cash. This is one of the better options as you have a stronger platform to negotiate with and no time and effort wasted on applications or processing. 

Borrow Money From a Lender

The second option is to borrow money from a lender. For example, if you have equity in your house, you could tap into it through an equity loan. You could also apply for a personal loan to acquire the money for the project.

Use Contractor Financing

Another option is to hire a remodeling contractor that offers financing options. Utilizing a contractor’s financing is a great option, as you might qualify for an interest-free credit line. If you live in the Las Vegas area and this option interests you, check out our available options.

Budget Considerations

Choosing your financing method is a vital step, but you’ll also need to consider your budget. The best way to determine the initial costs is by asking a contractor for a quote. Most will provide a free consultation. 

It’s vital to keep an open mind with your budget. For example, if you want to replace your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, you might spend more than you hoped. As a result, you might need to change your scope so the work you contract fits your budget. Overspending can be easy to do with a whole home remodeling project, so you need to be conscious of your expectations when creating your plans.

Additionally, if you’re hesitating to start your project due to the rising materials costs and assuming that the prices will fall in a year or two, you might want to think twice, as this might not be the case. Instead, the costs might rise even more over the next couple of years.

Find the Best Ways to Minimize the Inconveniences of the Project

The next area to focus on is minimizing the inconveniences of the project. Keep in mind; living in a home during a remodeling project is not the most straightforward task. Home renovations create frustration, dust, debris, and all kinds of annoyances. You can reduce the inconveniences, though, by doing the following two things:

Hire an Experienced Contractor

Completing this big project yourself helps you save money on labor costs, but it also elongates the project timeline. In most cases, by a more extended period than you might think. Hiring an experienced contractor to handle the work can be a better choice and ensures better peace of mind throughout the process. 

Complete the Entire Project at Once

Secondly, deciding to complete the entire project at once vs. breaking it up into multiple little projects minimizes the inconveniences you experience. For example, suppose a contractor completes the entire remodel in one project, reducing the time you are living in chaos or having to rent a property to escape the madness. 

Focus on Improving the Continuity of the Renovations

Finally, you might want to focus on improving the continuity of the renovations. In other words, what can you do to ensure that the project moves quickly? Here are several options:

Make All Your Important Upfront Decisions Now

There will be plenty of decisions that have to be made throughout the remodeling process. Choosing the materials and main design elements for your project requires thought and consideration. Being indecisive can thwart the project’s continuity. You can check out remodeling ideas and trends to help give you ideas. But, you shouldn’t start the project until you do some research and planning on what you want to do. 

An experienced remodeling contractor will be able to help guide you through this process and provide practical design and resource ideas. Relying on their experience and know-how can be a huge timesaver and may give you options you never considered. 

Make Sure You Have the Materials.

Next, we’re in a unique time where the supply chain isn’t as reliable as it once was. As a result, if you are planning to do the project DIY, you shouldn’t start the project until you have all the materials and supplies you need. 

If your contractor has everything for the project or established relationships that guarantee delivery, they can complete the work faster and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Ready to Start a Whole Home Remodel? Learn More About Home Renovations

Preparing for a whole home remodel takes thought, time, and work. It’s also good to remember that remodeling an entire home might disrupt your life, but it’s temporary. The most important thing to know is that the results will make it worthwhile!

Are you ready to start your project in the Las Vegas area? Call us if you’re looking for a great remodeling contractor that you can trust. We can help you plan and complete your entire remodeling project. 

You can learn more by visiting our website or contact us for more information. 

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