6 Budget Backyard Remodeling Tips

6 budget backyard remodeling tips

Here in Vegas, backyards don’t run big. It’s rare to find the sprawling landscapes of the Midwest outside your patio doors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn your space into a luxurious retreat. Whether you’re designing a backyard for the kids to play in, for Fido to fetch in, or for you to put your feet up in, a remodel does not have to break the bank. A budget backyard is a great way to introduce your personality into your home while keeping the bucks in your wallet, and we’ve got 6 tips on how to create your backyard paradise.

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial part in setting the mood for your backyard. Most outdoor lights available today are LED, which means that you can go crazy with lighting without spending a fortune on the electric bill. Whether it’s string lights around the edge of the patio for mood lighting or planted ground lights that guide your way around your backyard space, a little lighting will go a long way in renovating your backyard.

  1. Borders

If you pay attention to garden magazines, one of the things that’s never highlighted but is always present is a garden border. Even the smallest gardens look neat and intentional with a small stone border, and outlining your walkways with a border will add an upscale touch for pennies. You can get creative with what you use – we’ve seen bricks, stones, grass, and even wood.

  1. AC Unit Cover

Picture the perfect backyard: sprawling gardens, cute fountains, maybe even some lawn furniture for lounging on. Does your AC unit fit into there? Air conditioning is a necessity in Las Vegas, but the grey boxes are an eyesore in your landscaping. A few pieces of wood, a hammer, and nails will fix that up for less than $100. Build a small fence around your AC that allows for maintenance access to integrate some style into your appliance.

  1. Flower Boxes

Pops of color are always appreciated, whether you have desert landscaping or grass. You can create planter boxes out of old pallets or simple plywood and fill them with gorgeous, seasonal flowers. If you’re limited on space, bring out your creativity by affixing the boxes to your fence. Not only does having flower boxes keep critters out, but it’ll make tending to them easier (no kneeling!). To keep your wood from degrading, line your flower boxes or insert a ceramic planter that handles water well.

  1. Berms

If you’re one of the lucky ones in Las Vegas to have a large backyard, consider adding a berm (which is just a fancy word for a mound). Berms are often used in landscaping to break up monotonous areas, such as a large patch of grass. Using quality soil or mulch for your berm will allow you to add a variety of interesting plants. We recommend planting a few seasonal flowers mixed with hardy bushes or small trees to keep your backyard interesting.

  1. Furniture

Just like inside your home,  your outside furniture expresses yourself. Don’t settle for boring patio furniture – choose a style that works well with your landscaping and you feel comfortable with. Going with a reclaimed wood seating style is a popular choice that won’t cost a lot, and you can cycle in different colored pillows and cushions to keep your backyard seasonal.

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