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Home Renovations that’ll Guarantee to Impress your Guests this Summer

Home renovations

Summer is here in Las Vegas and with the great weather almost all year round this is a perfect time to make some home renovations to impress those guests you have over for seasonal cookouts. Hosting and entertaining requires a lot a work and big part of that is having a great spot for people to want be at. Not sure where to start? Here are some good places our team find best when renovating for your home this summer.

Where to Renovate

Rightfully so, the best place to start is outdoors. Having a comfortable spot where guests can enjoy the nice weather is always a great decision. Of course having an inside area renovated where guests can also feel relaxed and at home is worthy of the spotlight as well and we are going to discuss 2 great renovations options for you:

Outdoors, of course… but this is no normal upgrade.

Having an outdoor spot is more than just a grill and a few patio chairs now days. People have seemed to take their outdoor space to the next level and almost made it better than the kitchen inside.

  • We would like to think that every home is made for a backyard but unfortunately there is just not enough space. We still always recommend either an in-ground lazy pool larger than a spa but a lot smaller than a pool. It places correctly it can give your backyard a pop and make the area appear a lot larger.
  • A permanent cover over your entertaining area is a must. It allows comfort from the sun for you guests and not only can you add lighting, you can put in a sound system for music or even a TV area if you want to go that extra mile.
  • We don’t know why we didn’t think of it first, and outdoor bar equipped with an ice maker, fridge, and wine cooler. Do we need to say more?
  • Lastly, an outdoor kitchen worthy of only the greatest grill chefs. An outdoor kitchen includes not only a built in grill with a vented hood BUT the sink area, trash disposal spot, and a place to store all of the cooking utensils.

A guest bathroom

Having separate space is always nice for guest where they know they don’t have to worry about invading your personal space but can also feel comfortable in a well done room. Having a dedicated guest bathroom is great but really it’s the personal touches that make this room so important.

  • A guest bathroom can be a simple as redoing the decorations to giving it a more inviting touch, and that can include the lighting, mirrors, and even the hardware to give your bathroom a more updated and modern feel.
  • A neutral color palate also gives guest a welcoming feeling and people enjoy walking into an area that gives them spa like attention.
  • Should your guest decide they need to wash off after taking a dip in the lazy pool or just standing by the grill all day, you will definitely want to make sure your shower is has towels ready to go and a shower head your guests will be asking where they can buy from after use.

It’s really all in the details with this room and unlike your outside area can be renovated with a lot smaller budget, but is definitely still and important room to not leave behind.

Building your Summer Space

Once you have your mind made up about what renovations you need done and how you want them to look, you’ll need to make sure you have the right contractor to get the job done. Las Vegas Remodel & Construction specialized in helping Las Vegas and Henderson clients bring their dream home renovations to reality with our custom work. Contact us to get your consultation today and find out more about how we can make your home into the perfect summer hangout for friends and family.

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