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How to Build the Perfect Mudroom for Your Messy 4-Legged Family Member


Pets are a part of modern life that we never want to live without. Man has cohabitated with animals for centuries following the domestication of dogs and cats, and 4-legged family members are here to stay long after the days of needing them to herd the sheep flock. Pets enhance your life in a variety of ways, but home decor tends to not be one of them. In fact, dogs are usually a bit destructive to your carefully planned home (Fido, frankly, doesn’t care about scratching your beautiful hardwood or shaking mud all over your shaker cabinets). Fortunately, one room in your home has the potential to be a haven for you and your 4-legged family member: the mudroom. How do you build the perfect mudroom for your messy pet? We’ve got some ideas.


A mudroom is traditionally an entry hall or small room off to the side of the main home entrance where the family would take off their shoes and coat before entering the living space of the home. Most American homes have at least a small area for this nowadays, and if you’re lucky you’re in the minority that has a full room set aside for this purpose. Either way, you can take some steps in making sure it’s dog-friendly when you return from your walks. We recommend starting from the walls down with an easy-to-clean satin paint. Matte paint, while beautiful, doesn’t hold up too well from a dog shaking off mud or rainwater after a long trek through the neighborhood – but satin is clean with a simple wipe down. Installing some scratch-resistant flooring, such as ceramic or the more pricey porcelain tile, will keep the mudroom looking polished even after excited paws skitter across it.


The number one necessity for a good pet-friendly mudroom is storage. A well-cared for furry friend is liable to have a huge amount of accessories for even simple tasks. Dog-cleaning supplies, along with leashes, collars, and harnesses can be stored in high up cabinets that flow smoothly into your overall home design. If you don’t want to do a cabinet installation, a doggie armoire is a high-end touch that offers some storage capabilities. You could even consider installing a storage bench that doubles as seating or a pet bed in the mudroom. The possibilities are endless!


Keeping the pups clean while incorporating the traditional mudroom expectation can also be accomplished with a few small installs. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a separate room for a mudroom, considering installing a doggie wash station so you can keep your pet clean before running into the rest of your home. For smaller dogs, installing a farmhouse sink will work as a bath station, but larger dogs can use simple corner showers with detachable hoses (similar to what you would see at a pool). Hanging hooks near the shower or sink to take care of the leashes and collars while Fido gets a rinse is an easy way to go straight from happy times at the park to a nice warm bath.


Your pet is an essential part of your life, and an essential part of your home. Keeping pets in mind while choosing home decor and room layouts are key if you’re one of the millions of families who keep animals inside the home but want to keep where you live clean and dog hair free.  Having a separate mudroom is a luxurious way to show your dog that they’re appreciated while keeping the home clean and mud-free (and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!)

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