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How to Get Organized for the Holidays


The holiday season is in, and while some are feeling all of the holidays’ cheer, others are just feeling stressed. Between making sure the house is ready for guests, buying presents, and wondering if you have space for any extra Tupperware. This is the season for running yourself ragged with a smile on your face. We gathered a few tips and tricks from our team that will help you get organized this season and help you get through the holidays like a pro. 

Plan your holidays ahead.

Give yourself a month ahead of time and plan, plan, plan! Fill out a holiday calendar that tracks your shopping for presents, groceries, holiday events, work functions, family affairs, and any tiny details revolving around the holidays. Writing out a detailed calendar may seem tedious now, but if you want to navigate the holidays like a pro, this is the first step we recommend. 

De-clutter your home.

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you without cleaning out your home. Right before the holidays is the perfect time to go through some of your old belongings and put into piles of donating, sell, or trash. Clearing up your living space gives you a clean slate and helps not to feel like you are just adding more stuff that will clutter your house. 

Make your holiday to-do list.

According to one team member, nothing is better than having a to-do list that you can check off once a task is complete. Regardless if it is to pick up the holiday turkey, shop those final gifts, or to give your home one last sweep before family arrives. A to-do list allows your brain to stay focused on the task at hand while still remembering the rest later. The feeling of knowing something has been done and is accomplished not only helps you stay organized but it lets you know you are getting things done even during these chaotic holidays.

Remember what you have bought. 

Remembering all of those early gifts is especially crucial if you have a large family and started your shopping earlier than Thanksgiving. Make sure you double check all those gifts you have been buying and for whom. The last thing you want to do is spend more money than you need to because you thought you forgot someone’s present. 

The holidays are a busy time for all so start early and plan now. While we may only be able to give you advice on the smaller projects, if you are looking to organize your home with a larger project, contact us at today, and we can help you plan a remodel that will get your home organized and ready to go for the holidays!

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