Keys to a Successful Remodel

Keys to a Successful Remodel

Remodeling your home can be an exciting task, but it can also be daunting. While you are ready to pick the paint, choose shiny new light fixtures and get the new appliances installed; there are several steps to take beforehand for a successful renovation. Keys to a successful remodel include planning, having a detailed budget, hiring the right contractor, getting everything in writing, and of course, having your end goal end mind. Attention to all of these details makes the difference between a dream remodel or a potential disaster.

When deciding to do any remodel on your home, it is essential to do your research first. Ask friends, coworkers, and family about any work they have had done and any problems that incurred during the process. You’ll also want to get recommendations for a contractor.

We believe taking some of these steps below will ensure that your big project not only runs smoothly but also helps to keep you in the budget.

Establish a plan

When planning a big remodel, you will need to sit down and plan what you want. Basically, what are your dream goals for your home? Take the time to write it all down. The keys to a successful remodel are making sure you know what you want so when it comes to hiring a contractor you have a clear picture of what you want them to give you.

Work with a budget

When deciding the budget of your remodel you will want to sit down with your contractor to ensure all costs of the remodel are factored in. You can’t go into a remodel without writing out your general expenses first. Your original budget will be your starting point. Be flexible. Remodeling is not always straight forward, and your budget can quickly go over if you run into any problems. Expect to have at least an additional 10% extra put to the side for any unexpected issues.

Choose the right contractor.

When choosing the contractor for the job you will have wanted to do some research. You will want to know how your contractor’s team communicates. Do they listen? Do they respond to emails and phone calls quickly or does it take them a few days? Are they prompt? It can be a long process so you will want to trust your contractor and will want to establish a good line of communication.
This is also the time to agree on the expected start date and the completion date of your project.

Write it out

One of the keys to a successful remodel is to make sure a written proposal is provided. When you have something in writing, it confirms that the remodel will go as you planned and will reflect your wishes.
Your proposal should include the start and end date, starting costs, cleanup, how your property will stay protected, and confirmation of what work is going to be completed. For more details, you will need to make sure the proposal is a well-written contract. To ensure all sides are protected, you will need to ensure that every detail is included from insurance to cancellations, to conflict resolution and so forth.

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