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Las Vegas Bathroom Contractor Shares the Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

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If you’ve been thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your Las Vegas home, then there are multiple choices to make and features to contemplate during your project. One such consideration is the benefits of a walk-in shower.

While many homeowners may still want a bathtub in their bathroom, many are choosing to forgo the tub and use the space for a walk-in shower instead. A walk-in shower can be a much better choice, providing your bathroom a sleek appearance and modern functionality. Learn about a few of the benefits of a walk-in shower, and find out how you can hire a professional bathroom contractor in Las Vegas for your bathroom remodel.

Added Space

If the bathrooms in your home are on the smaller size, having a tub can make the room look and feel downright cramped. One of the biggest benefits of adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom is increasing the visual space in your bathroom, making the room feel much more open. To maximize the spacious appeal of your bathroom, add glass side panels to your walk-in shower. Walk-in showers are very spacious inside as well and you will love the added room to move as you shower. There is often room for a bench and a niche for your soap and shampoo supplies.


For many homeowners, cleaning their bathroom is a long and unpopular job. If you’re looking to make your bathroom as low-maintenance as possible, then one of your best options is installing a walk-in shower. Unlike stand-alone showers or bathtubs with shower functionality, they can be difficult to clean. You must reach way over the tub to get to the back areas and often they have caulk lines and crevices that are hard to clean. Walk-in showers can be cleaned quickly and easily. Modern fixtures often have handheld options allowing you the ability to aim and spray water over the surfaces. This makes rinsing the shower much easier. By adding a walk-in shower, you’ll be drastically shortening the amount of time you’ll need to spend on cleaning.


A big disadvantage of stand-alone showers and bathtubs is that they aren’t easily accessible, particularly for the elderly and people who use wheelchairs and other assistive devices. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, are much easier to get into. Even those with limited mobility can get into and out of a walk-in shower with minimal effort. The doorway is unobstructed and usually, a low curb is all you must negotiate to step into the shower.

Bonus Features

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you want to make sure that you won’t have to pay expensive repair costs in the future. Walk-in showers have very few parts, making them much less vulnerable to wear and tear than a bathtub. Property designed walk-in showers keep water flowing towards the drain, which preventing dirt and debris from accumulating in one spot and forming clogs. This also prevents bacteria from building up in the crevices of your shower.

Hire a Bathroom Contractor in Las Vegas

Adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom is a great choice, providing you with several desirable benefits. Get started on your remodeling project today by contacting  Las Vegas Remodel and Construction.

We can help you complete a wide variety of home renovation projects, including remodeling a bathroom. Call us at 702-425-7272 or contact us today to schedule your free consultation and to get started on your project.

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