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Las Vegas Contractor Shares 5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom for Halloween

halloween decor for your bathroom

There’s only one month a year where it’s completely normal to have friends running out of your house in terror, and your trusted Las Vegas contractor, Las Vegas Remodel & Construction is here to make sure your Halloween decor is the spookiest on the cul-de-sac! Keeping things fresh and seasonal can be a chore – unless you have a bathroom contractor you can trust. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips on having a haunted toilet room that would put Moaning Myrtle to shame.

  1. Keep Your Color Scheme Dark

Black and orange reign supreme as traditional Halloween colors, but if your decor is more contemporary and  stylish, you can even make a new navy and gold color scheme slightly frightening with dark spooky accents. More traditional? Consider a luxurious statement piece such as a vintage claw-foot tub as a place to park a skeleton and keep plenty of candles around for mysterious shadows. Use only the flame-less candles. There is no need to have a real Halloween fright!

  1. Introduce A Shakespearean Vibe

You don’t need the skull of Yorick to evoke terror in your bathroom; any skull will do. Keep things modern on your beautiful marble countertops and contrast with trendy skull-embossed hand towels that your guests will envy.

  1. Be Like Carrie And Introduce Some Blood

Slasher films are a Halloween classic, so parroting that can never go wrong. Getting some low-cost white towels, a shower curtain, and splattering fake blood on them can be a fun way to get in the season without spending too much money. This is also a great, kid-friendly way to decorate that gets them involved.

Bonus: really amp up the terror with a severed leg or two from the prop section. Have a limb peek out from the bathroom curtain to get a scare from unsuspecting victims… or friends!

  1. Keep The Shadows A Mystery With Lighting Accents

Unique lighting and delicate décor accents will make your bathroom a year-round treat. Whether you prefer an ornate chandelier that will sparkle for years to come, or some dainty tea lights to give your guests glamour lighting, Las Vegas Remodel & Construction will make it happen.

Do not leave open flames unattended.

  1. Get The Gross-Out Effect

For an easy and fun spook that’s guaranteed to give everyone a jump, buy rubber insects from the dollar store and use double-sided tape to have them ‘crawl’ out from just about everywhere. These are a great option due to how easily they can be removed – leaving you with as little cleanup after the holiday as possible.

No matter what your décor or remodeling needs are, we’re here to help! We have a wide range of options that will suit your holiday and year-round needs, from beautiful walk-in showers to personalized custom pieces. Here at Las Vegas Remodel & Construction, we are always happy to be your go-to Las Vegas contractor.

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