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Walk-in Shower vs. Soaker Tub

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To tub or not to tub?  A prevalent question regarding the master bathroom in today’s home improvement market.  Many wrestle with the thought of eliminating their master bathtub to achieve a spacious walk-in two-person sized shower.  The most asked question after “Can I achieve a walk-in shower?” is “How will this affect my resale value?”.   After interviewing several real estate appraisers, evaluators, and real estate professionals, the most common response to the “value” question- a master bathroom remodel with a walk-in shower and the elimination of the bathtub will probably not reduce the intrinsic value of the home.  However, it was unanimous that the elimination of the bathtub could affect the home’s marketability.

In trying to elaborate further on the response from industry professionals-When, if a bath remodel is well-appointed, then more than likely, the bathroom will achieve a WOW Factor! This has a potentially positive effect of differentiating itself from other homes in the neighborhood.  Depending on the age group of the buyer profile in the community, some might find it a turn-on to eliminate the seldom-used master bathtub.  At the same time, others who utilize the master bathtub regularly might find the elimination of the master bathtub a negative.  Another typical industry response, before one eliminates the master bathtub, confirms that the home has at least one other bath with a bathtub.

Most people are looking at ways to increase their shower size in width and depth.  When a bathroom size does not lend to a more oversized shower without eliminating the master bathtub, know that you are no longer alone.  When you are ready to discuss your next master bathroom remodel, call Las Vegas Remodel and Construction at 702-858-4051 or see their website at

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