7 Ideas to Inspire Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel

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Are you planning to take on a kitchen remodeling project soon? If so, you should think long and hard about what you’d like to see in your luxury kitchen remodel when it’s all finished before you get started.

One recent survey suggests that coming up with luxury kitchen remodel ideas might be easier said than done. About 2,000 people were asked what things they would put into their dream kitchens, and their answers were all over the map.

Some people said they would incorporate an extra large refrigerator or extra countertop space into their dream kitchens. Others revealed they would work additional pantry space or increased shelf space into the mix when designing their dream kitchens.

You’re more than welcome to let your imagination run wild when you’re brainstorming ideas for luxury kitchen remodeling. But you should make it your mission to create a luxury kitchen that will be both beautiful and functional. This is the kind of kitchen that’ll send your home’s value skyrocketing in the end.

Here are seven ideas to inspire your luxury kitchen remodel.

1. Adding Windows to Bring In More Natural Light

American kitchens have gotten a whole lot larger than they used to be. They’re usually between 200 and 400 square feet in newer homes.

If your current kitchen is on the smaller side, you should kick around the idea of trying to open it up to make it bigger. You should also consider trying to bring more natural light into it to make it feel larger, regardless of whether or not you’re able to increase its footprint.

Adding more windows to your kitchen will welcome all the natural light you want into it and make it feel more spacious. If your kitchen is situated near the back of your home, you might even want to think about installing sliding glass doors to really open things up.

The more natural light you’re able to bring into your kitchen, the more luxurious it’s going to feel. It’ll also give you better views from your kitchen and turn it into a place that you’ll want to spend more time in even when you’re not preparing meals and eating.

2. Creating Custom Cabinets (and Installing Plenty of Them!)

Storage is something that many homeowners complain about when it comes to their current kitchens. They wish they had more places to put everything from food to pots and pans.

When you’re doing a luxury kitchen remodel, storage should be something that’s always at the forefront of your mind. You should shoehorn as much storage as you can into the space since you’ll regret it later if you don’t.

One good way to add a ton of storage to a luxury kitchen is by creating custom cabinets for it that will help you claim every extra square inch of storage space that you can. You can design gorgeous cabinets that will stretch from your floor to your ceiling and provide plenty of storage for you.

You might also want to search for a place to put a custom pantry. A recent survey showed that 85% of home buyers make it a point to look for houses with pantries already installed in them when they’re house shopping.

3. Going With Two Islands Instead of Just One

If you don’t have a large kitchen, squeezing two islands into it might not be feasible. But if you have the space to do it, adding two islands during a luxury kitchen remodel will work wonders for you.

Two islands will provide you with lots of room to spread out when you’re preparing meals in your kitchen. It’ll also set you up with more storage space in your islands than you would have otherwise.

4. Finding Clever Ways to Create More Seating Options

If you have a formal dining room where you and your family eat most of your meals, you might think you’re all set as far as seating is concerned. But almost all luxury kitchens will have more seating options situated in them.

There are lots of clever ways that you can create more seating options in a luxury kitchen. You can add a dining edge to one of your islands and stick bar stools underneath it. You can also create a cozy breakfast nook, preferably right next to one of your new windows.

By finding places to put new seating options, you’ll transform your kitchen into the place to be in your home. You’ll enjoy hanging out in your kitchen with your family more, and you’ll even invite people to spend time in your kitchen when you’re entertaining.

5. Shopping for Smart Appliances and Gadgets

You’ve probably already made many of the other rooms in your home “smart.” So why not make your luxury kitchen “smart,” too?

From refrigerators that can keep a close eye on what you put into them and when they’ll expire to ovens that you can control right from your smartphone (no more running back inside your house to make sure you turned your oven off!), you can smarten up your luxury kitchen in so many fun ways.

6. Sprinkling In Lots of Cool Custom Features

When you remodel a luxury-style kitchen, one of the best parts about it is that there aren’t going to be any limitations. You can find all sorts of ways to sprinkle in custom features that will make your kitchen unique.

For example, you can hide pull-out trash and recycling bins right in your custom cabinetry. You can also install hidden drawers behind beautiful cabinet doors to make these cabinet spaces more functional.

You can even have things like under-cabinet LED lighting strips put into place so that you can illuminate your luxury kitchen more effectively at night. You should explore all the ideas that come to mind and see if your luxury kitchen remodeler can help you bring them to life.

7. Choosing the Right Finishing Touches

No matter how incredible your luxury kitchen looks when it’s finished being remodeled, you could make the argument that it’s the finishing touches that will make or break it. This will include things like:

  • Hardware for your custom cabinets
  • Sopa dispensers
  • Wall art
  • Kitchen towels
  • And more

You should put just as much thought into these finishing touches as you do the rest of your luxury kitchen. They can truly complete the look of space and give you the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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When people are trying to pull off successful luxury kitchen remodels, they aren’t always sure where to start. It can be tough trying to come up with a list of luxury kitchen remodel ideas that will all work together.

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