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Las Vegas Contractor Gives Top 2018 Bathroom Trends

Top Bathroom trends

With the average hours worked per week rapidly rising, and the time spent at home declining, many people are choosing to transform their once-utilitarian bathroom into a personal spa for some extra relaxation. This is by no means a new fad, as we’ve seen bathroom renovation trends steadily shooting into more and more magazines over the past few years. You don’t need to completely renovate your bathroom to make it feel more modern, and choosing just one or two of the top 2018 bathroom trends can completely change your space for the better. We’re here to share some of the affordable and popular design trends of 2018 to help you make the most out of your bathroom.

1. Efficiency
Gone are the days of the sprawling bathrooms with his and hers vanities, separate rooms for the toilet and shower, and giant tubs that could double as a hot tub if your party guests have had one too many drinks. Minimalism is huge right now (pun intended), and the best way to make your small bathroom seem enormous is to make sure you’re utilizing your space efficiently. Shelving to replace old cabinets is a popular and easy choice, as well as installing the more eco-friendly and smaller appliances that have been seen flooding the markets.

2. Move Away From Silver
While it’s been the go-to for years, silver is finally stepping out of the spotlight. Brass and gold fixtures have been seen in many magazines this year, and the warmer tones paired with some soft lighting will make your bathroom feel more classic and homey instead of cold and sterile. Go with an option that’s different from your grandmother’s by choosing a matte finish instead of polish, or an intricate design rather than simple.

3. Warm Tones
Speaking of brass, copper, and gold – warmer tones have been making a strong comeback in non-metallic ways. Whites, greys, and silvers can be appealing to the eye initially, but after a while, they tend to feel a bit cold. Introducing some warmer browns, such as reclaimed wood cabinets, or even bamboo accents, will create a much more comfortable space than plain cool tones. Throwing in some air-purifying plants is a great and affordable way to introduce some earthiness without doing a large remodel.

4. Shapes and Colors
Tile is back and better than ever. Unlike the linoleum from your childhood home, tile comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors that will liven up your bathroom on the cheap. Choosing an accent tile to add a stripe of in your shower wall is a safe way to throw in a pop of color or a unique shape, but with the wide variety of chevrons, diamond, hexagon, and even Moroccan-inspired tiles on the market you have the opportunity to introduce as much fun personality into your bathroom as you’d like.
Before choosing to do anything to your bathroom, we advise scheduling a consultation with a professional. Never demolish or install anything without knowing what you’re getting into, as your bathroom may require more work than you’re thinking. Once you have the green light from your contractor, feel free to shop around for a while to find out exactly which 2018 bathroom trends you want to incorporate into your home. It’s all about you when it comes to your bathroom!

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