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Las Vegas Contractor Shares 3 Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

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Dream kitchens are something that every homeowner secretly wants. It’s true what they say: kitchens do sell homes. As the center of your home, and where so many memories are made, it’s only natural to want a top of the line kitchen – but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it happen. Las Vegas contractors know the secrets to building a dream kitchen, and they involve both function and design. While many people think of contractors as just someone they hire to do the heavy lifting for them, the truth is that most reputable contractors rely heavily on their eye for design to make your dreams happen. While others may want to keep their tricks of the trade under lock and key, this Las Vegas contractor is more than willing to share 3 of our dream kitchen must-haves.

  1. Walk-In Pantry

If you get nervous about spices cascading out when you open the door, or even an open bag of flour getting lost in the very back of your pantry, it’s time to upgrade. A dream kitchen will feel like a nightmare when there’s food scattered all over your beautiful design, so we’re putting a walk-in pantry as our #1 must have. A walk-in pantry saves you space in your cabinets and drawers, allowing for a more open kitchen. If you have the option, build your walk in behind a wall or underneath some stairs (provided your floor plan allows this) to keep it hidden and maximize the open feel.

  1. Two-Toned Cabinets

Nothing screams both ‘modernity’ and ‘personality’ more than two-toned cabinetry. This hot trend has been all over the pages of home remodeling magazines and is one of our most-requested upgrades. Don’t just think in black and white: two-toned cabinets can be anything from a bold color with a toned-down neutral or contrasting shades of grey that lend plenty of dimension to the room. Upgraded cabinet colors can highlight your personality without overwhelming your space. Our favorite part of it is that it’s an affordable remodel, as it rarely requires more than some new hardware and paint.

  1. Functional Storage

While this might seem a little vague, functional storage is a necessity to any dream kitchen. The reason that kitchens look so beautiful in photography and on TV is because all the appliances, tools, and miscellaneous knickknacks have their own place. Functional storage, whether in cabinets, your kitchen island or in your drawers, is crucial to maintaining a stunning kitchen. The good thing is that you’ve got options: you can build a Lazy Susan that hides inside your cabinet, set up a wine shelf under your island, or install sliding shelves to maximize your space. Functional storage allows you to really get creative and customize your dream kitchen, allowing you to make it all yours.

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