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7 Unique Custom Bathroom Ideas for 2023

Custom Bathroom Ideas

Americans spent, on average, $9,000 on bathroom renovations in 2022. These were serious investments, and if that were you, you would want to ensure you come out of it with something to be proud of. With that in mind, do you have any good ideas for how to make your own bathroom something all the more unique?

We have put together seven of the best custom bathroom ideas for your home. Take a look at them, see if there is anything that matches your style, and start to plan the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Backlight Everything

Many recent bathroom trends point towards more lighting throughout the area. This usually starts with having a single backlight behind the mirror to help you see yourself when using it. This does not need to be the extent of this style of lighting, though.

Depending on where your bathroom installations are, you could place backlights behind more objects in the room. 

If your bath is not flush with the wall, think about lighting up that area with a subtle light to give your soak a nice relaxing mood. You could even change the color of the light depending on the person and their preferences.

Another option is to backlight any cabinets or other protruding surfaces. This way, your bathroom will become a stark array of colorful shapes when you enter it in the dark.

2. Privacy Glass

Sometimes people must use the bathroom when someone else is having a shower. This can lead to embarrassing situations. You can avoid this by putting a partition into your bathroom, but this does not need to be a solid, opaque wall, nor does it need to be a curtain.

Instead, investigate privacy glass during your bathroom remodeling process. While the shower is not in use, this remains see-through, letting you have full freedom of the room. Should you go in the shower, though, the pane would run a small electric current through the glass and go opaque.

This piece of technology gives you the privacy you need when you need it without compromising on visibility at other times.

3. Anthracite Accenting With Slate

These days, we are seeing some people install anthracite surfaces to help give their bathrooms a bit of a natural flair. Thus, you will often see this material in use on floors or walls. On its own, it is becoming overused.

Instead, by combining it with slate walls, especially in the shower stall, you can create a waterfall-shower mood. This can make you feel like you are out in nature as the water starts to fall all around you.

Not many people have yet discovered this combination for their customized bathroom. As such, make good use of it now to impress others who come to visit.

If you want to go the extra mile, think about adding a seat in your bathroom made of stone. Though instead of anything that looks artificial, pick a large, natural, smooth rock and embed it into the floor of the bathroom. This makes the whole area feel like a small outdoor pool you have captured and set into your home.

4. Freestanding Unique Tubs

These days, many people install their bathtubs flush against the wall to save space. Though, if you instead pull the bathroom away from the edge, you can instead give it pride of place. When having a bath, you can feel like the most important thing in the room, and the tub can act as an object of beauty when you are not in it.

You might want to also invest in unique materials for your tub, such as one that is a translucent color, allowing light through. This would not be transparent enough to see through. Instead, it will let diffused light through, preventing the bath from creating shadows throughout the area.

Another option is to find a tub with a unique shape to it. One shaped more like a bowl or with classic claw-style feet can make your bathroom installations stand out among the rest. 

5. Heated Floors

There is very little worse than walking into a bathroom and having your feet assaulted by the cold within. This is why having heated flooring can make the difference between bad mornings and comfortable living.

Removing radiators or other heaters from your home means you can use that space for other features instead. Add more shelves, or just have more space to stretch out in. These systems are also often very energy efficient, meaning you do not need to worry as much about leaving them on for longer.

6. Smart Mirrors

Many people these days want to start their day off right. Without turning on a television or radio or without picking up their phone, they want a summary of a few pieces of information. 

Put up a smart mirror in place of what would otherwise be a basic, flat surface. This way, you can get the weather, news, and your daily schedule as you do something as simple as brushing your teeth. You can even ask for music to play through it while you wake up and perform your morning routine.

7. Glass Block Walls

Glass blocks are a tasteful way to offer privacy in the form of visual distortion while also letting a lot of light through.

Many people think of solid straight lines of square blocks when they hear about these, though that does not need to be the case. Glass block showers can curve around, comprise different sizes of blocks, or even have sections made of other materials.

More Custom Bathroom Ideas

There is still much more you could do to make your bathroom a unique place to spend time. Also, you might have the best custom bathroom ideas in the world, but it can sometimes be much too hard to implement them yourself. This is where we come in.

Our experts can help guide you in your plans to put together something special for your home. All you need to do is give us a call, and we can start you towards a renovation you can take pride in today.

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